Hands-on Domain-Driven Design with .NET Core book

Solve complex business problems by understanding users better, finding the right problem to solve, and building lean event-driven systems to give your customers what they really want

Key Features

  • Apply DDD principles using modern tools such as EventStorming, Event Sourcing, and CQRS
  • Learn how DDD applies directly to various architectural styles such as REST, reactive systems, and microservices
  • Empower teams to work flexibly with improved services and decoupled interactions
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Software solves problems

It is sometimes hard to see the goal of writing software if we don't know what problems are we trying to solve. Domain-Driven Design advocates putting problem solving and delivering value before other things.

Event Sourcing

With ever-growing popularity, Event Sourcing still remains a mystery for many. Check out the dedicated page that explains the benefits of this technique. We have substantial experience putting theory to practice and build production-grade event-sourced systems.


Discover the new and fun way to understand the business better. Boring meetings and endless functional requirements documents aren't something required to write quality software. EventStorming will help your developers to understand the business better and enable great communication between business and technical people.

Messaging and event streams

Quite a few distributed systems suffer from tight coupling and synchronous communication between components. Using asynchronous communication using messages for commands and events can help to decouple components in space and time, make the system more resilient, and increase the overall performance.


After the quick raise, microservices became a controversial pattern for software design. A lot of companies experienced issues with increased complexity of the implementation, hosting and orchestrating such systems. Our extensive knowledge of building such systems can help your company to avoid getting into trouble or help getting you out of numerous types of problems associated with microservices.

Kubernetes for .NET developers

As Docker became a de-facto standard for containers, Kubernetes is the leading container orchestrator today. All cloud providers have their own managed Kubernetes offering. We have built numerous production systems with .NET Core that run on Kubernetes, on-premises, in Azure, GCP, and AWS. Learn from us how to run your services in Kubernetes, establish DevOps practices, and address operational concerns.


We are happy to share our knowledge and expertise with you. Our range of workshops covers what we know and can teach best. Both public and private workshops are available.


Sometimes it is not enough to deliver all nuances of writing production code during a workshop alone. We can help your developers with advice, design sessions, knowledge sharing and pair-programming for a prolonged period.


Our mission is to enable you to create quality software that solves problems your customers, in record time. We can support you during the whole process as part of the consulting agreement.

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